Can Car Insurance Companies Send You To Collections 

You get car insurance to get coverage for unforeseen costs and expenses, such as car repairs. However, while traveling, you are exposed to other travel-related risks. Car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, theft, robbery, lodging, etc. are some examples. But does your car insurance company cover expenses relate to emergency travel? Find out can car insurance companies send you to collections. 

You might need to wait for a mechanic to arrive and fix your car in the middle of a long trip while going on emergency travels for commercial auto insurance. The chances of this happening are very high since emergency travels mean travel without preparation. As such, you might also need to stay in a hotel for a night or two, or even more from insurance blog. Additionally, expenses for food, personal care products, and so on comes along with it. 

Fortunately, your car insurance company could cover certain emergency travel costs. Find out about a car insurance company and staying covered during distressful times and can I deduct my car insurance as a business expense. 

In some cases, your auto insurance company can cover hotel rooms, meals, and other such expenses. However, it depends on your insurance policy. According to III, if your vehicle breaks down at a distance above 100 miles from your home, certain roadside assistance plans will cover these costs. 

A Standard Auto Insurance Policy Does Not Cover Expenses Related to Emergency Travel 

First thing straight, your standard auto insurance quote does not cover expenses related to emergency travel. If your policy entails ordinary liability coverage, collision, or comprehensive coverage, then chances are that there will be no coverage. Therefore, you can’t rely on your car insurance company in Tyrone for covering flat tires, mechanical breakdowns, lodging, meals, etc. But if your auto insurance policy has roadside assistance, then the policy might cover these emergency travel expenses. 

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How Does the Emergency Travel Coverage Program Work? 

An emergency travel reimbursement covers certain unforeseen expenses associated with a car breakdown. After a covered event takes place, such as a mechanical failure, a typical travel compensation package includes up to $1,000 for lodging and food expenses. 

For you to qualify for this coverage, your vehicle must have traveled a certain distance from your house. Most travel coverage reimbursement policies require that you must be at least 100 miles away from your home. Therefore, if your car breaks down when you’re out to buy something from a neighboring market and haven’t traveled 100 miles, you won’t be eligible for the coverage. 


can car insurance companies send you to collections
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