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Most businesses use some vehicles to carry out their daily business activities. It might be to pick up raw materials or to deliver products to the doorsteps of customers. Commercial auto insurance mainly helps to cover the vehicles used for business purposes. These vehicles mainly include cars, vans, and trucks.  

Commercial Auto Insurance 

Most commercial auto insurance provides coverages to cars, vans, food trucks, a service utility truck, and pickup trucks. We tend to forget that some specific businesses like electricians’ van, plumbers, carpenters, and painters need commercial auto insurance. Having commercial auto insurance will protect you and your business vehicle in case of accidents through a local insurance agent. The insurance will cover the repairs, not to have to spend extra money from your savings.

Commercial Auto Insurance Coverages

Commercial auto insurance mainly covers the damages to the vehicles, injury to the driver, injury to others, and damages to others’ property. When we calculate commercial auto insurance in Alachua, it can be costly because vehicles used for business require more protection than personal vehicles. According to Insureon, major auto insurance providers in Alachua will provide the following coverages:

  • Collision Coverage covers the damages to your commercial car if you are in an accident. Also if someone else hits you regardless of the person at fault.
  •  Medical payments cover the medical expenses of you or your employee, the one driving the vehicle. It also covers for the passenger in an accident, regardless of whose fault it is.
  • Auto liability is similar to that in personal auto insurance, which covers the bodily injury or property damage caused in an accident
  • Comprehensive coverage is essential coverage as we can’t keep eyes on our vehicle 24/7, so comprehensive coverage will cover the damages caused by weather, animals, vandalism, and theft

These are the common coverages that you can find in commercial auto insurance in Alachua. Different states will have slight changes to these coverages, and some may also include uninsured and underinsured motorist coverages.

Things to Remember

We tend to confuse commercial auto insurance and personal auto insurance, but they are two different things. We should understand that commercial auto insurance or other states does not provide any coverages to personal vehicles. To have commercial auto insurance coverage, the cars should be owned by the business. Even if you’re a small business owner, it’s better to have commercial auto insurance for your vehicle. It might cost a bit more than personal auto insurance, but it provides higher coverages. And the claiming process tends to get much more comfortable than personal auto insurance to an independent insurance agent who has cyber liability insurance, e and o insurance with e and o for insurance agentDo you need insurance to buy a new car? Commercial auto insurance has risen as business owners to protect their businesses. 

commercial auto insurance alachua
commercial auto insurance alachua