Commercial Property Insurance Cost Estimator 

Car is one of the essential methods of transport. So, car insurance is a tool to finance the loss that protects you against any damages incurred due to loss to your vehicle. Similarly, car insurance from an insurance agency is for both a personal car or a commercial vehicle. Learn the difference between commercial auto insurance and private car insurance with a commercial property insurance cost estimator. Know the basics from an insurance agent near me. 

According to III, a commercial car is used more often than a personal one. Thus, increasing the probability of risk. 

Moreover, a commercial vehicle is more fuel-efficient than a personal vehicle. As a result, it is more vulnerable to harm than private automobiles. 

Personal Car Insurance

A type of car insurance policy that protects your vehicle is private car insurance from an insurance agency. Moreover, this insurance policy would protect you from financial damages caused by an accident, natural disaster, burglary, or fire. It also compensates third-party damages and reimburses the owner in the event of a personal injury from a captive agent or independent agent with insurance technology from an insurance agency. 

Commercial Car Insurance

Since personal car insurance does not cover vehicles used for commercial purposes, commercial car insurance comes into play. Commercial car insurance is a form of auto insurance that covers a taxi or cab used for passenger transportation. Thus, a business must purchase commercial car insurance because it protects your vehicle financially in the event of injury. 

Differentiating Factors Between Personal and Commercial Car Insurance 

Risk Involvement 

Commercial vehicles pose a high risk since they travel a greater distance and therefore have greater risk exposure. As a result, it affects insurance rates and deductibles. 

A private vehicle, on the other hand, carries a lower risk. Thus, the insurance premium and deductible are kept low. Does your car insurance company cover expenses relate to emergency travel? Find out can car insurance companies send you to collections

Policy Coverage 

A commercial auto insurance policy covers your business from financial loss resulting from a significant accident. This policy protects you against fire, burglary, natural disasters, loss due to accidents, driver’s injury due to the accident, as well as third-party liability. 

However, personal car insurance covers fire, burglary, natural disasters, accidents, civil disorder, and personal injury & third-party liability. 


The level of risk, the vehicle’s age, and its cubic capacity determine commercial car insurance costs. 

The vehicle’s cubic capacity determines the cost of private car insurance, but the vehicle’s age affects it. Furthermore, the premium cost is lower than that of commercial auto insurance. 

You can get a free insurance quote for commercial and private car insurance from an independent insurance agent. 


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commercial auto insurance alachua