Choose the Right Commercial Auto Insurance in Snellville 

Do you have to have insurance to get your car inspected? Well, you’ll need insurance coverages for your company’s cars. As a business owner, you’ll need some of the same insurance coverages for your company’s cars, trucks, buses, and other equipment as you would for personal travel through commercial auto insurance. Since your Business owners Policy (BOP) does not include cars, so you’ll need to purchase a separate program. So, most states require you to buy liability insurance to cover personal injury and collateral damage caused by a car accident when you or someone from your company is on business through commercial auto insurance. You must also have uninsured motorist coverage and medical payments coverage in certain states, also known as Personal Injury Protection (PIP). Physical injury compensation is also available for cars that the company owns, rents, or employs. 

Do You Have To Have Insurance To Get Your Car Inspected?: Commercial Auto Insurance 

According to Insurance Information Institute, your insurance company will inquire about how you use vehicles in your business. They may also ask who will be driving them, whether you buy, rent, or lease them. Furthermore, the question of whether you or your employees will be driving their cars for business purposes may arise. Thus, the answers to these questions will determine the types of coverage you need.

Automobile Coverage

Depending on your choices, the breadth of coverage in your business auto policy can be broad or narrow. It may only apply to one particular vehicle. On the other hand, the policy may also cover the named insured’s liability exposures resulting from the use of any car’s extensive coverage.

In general, you have three choices when it comes to which vehicles you protect.

  • Firstly, vehicles that the company owns
  • Secondly, all cars that your company owns, rents, or leases
  • Lastly, all vehicles used for business purposes, including those that your company does not own, are rented or leased.

Choose the Right Commercial Auto Insurance

In most insurance contracts, the principal insured must be the car owner in the policy’s Declarations. If you use the same car for business and fun, make sure your insurance agent knows who owns the title to the vehicle: you or your company. Thus, helping you prevent complications if you need to make a claim or the subject of a claim.

You can talk to your insurance provider with a valid insurance license and access to insuretech for the best value. You can also learn about insurance careers or how to become an insurance brokerYou may need a commercial insurance so you must understand  commercial property and casualty insurance definition. 

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commercial auto insurance alachua