Do You Have To Have Proof Of Insurance To Buy A Car 

Suppose you a business owner and have various vehicles operating daily. In that case, you need to get commercial auto insurance to protect your cars from any liability. Although your commercial vehicle might not be a source of income, you surely do not want to lose money out from its damage. At first, let’s get you through the details of a commercial auto insurance policy. 

Do You Have To Have Proof Of Insurance To Buy A Car? 

Commercial auto insurance is the type of policy that covers all the physical damage and other liability coverage that is not covered by a personal auto insurance policy. A personal auto insurance policy is for private vehicles and not for vehicles used for business purposes. At the same time, commercial auto insurance will cover all commercial vehicles used for business purposes. It provides protection for company cars, commercial trucks, vans, service utility trucks, and other vehicles. Further, it protects commercial vehicles and covers the employees or drivers who are operating the vehicles.

Commercial vehicle insurance coverages

Generally, a commercial auto insurance policy coverage according to Insureon includes:

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability coverage
  • Combined single limit
  • Medical payments
  • No-fault coverage
  • Uninsured motorist coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Comprehensive physical damage coverage.

The overall cost of your commercial auto insurance in St Johns will depend on some critical factors. For example, the type of business operations, types of commercial vehicles, records of the drivers, and suitable coverage. We should also understand that commercial auto insurance will not cover your personal vehicles’ damages as it is not owned or operated under a business.

do you have to have proof of insurance to buy a car

Get commercial auto insurance

Getting commercial auto insurance in St Johns for your business vehicle is always a good decision. Since commercial auto insurance will provide more protection than your personal auto insurance. It tends to get a bit expensive than normal auto insurance, but we should also look at the coverages provided by commercial auto insurance. Even if you own a small flower shop or even a bakery, you should consider taking commercial auto insurance once you find an agent that offers the best one. It will protect your vehicle and your employee who are driving your car.

With a wide range of commercial insurance, our agency provides our customers with the right commercial insurance that fits their business requirements. By properly consulting with our agency, you will reduce your policy price and get an insurance policy as per your needs. You can also get in touch with our experienced commercial auto insurance broker and insurance agent from insurance brokerage who will guide you through different insurance policies and also in claiming process to make it easy for you and can also help you through cyber insurancePersonal auto insurance policy’s coverage will not be enough. You should also know do you need insurance to buy a used car from a dealership. 

commercial auto insurance alachua
commercial auto insurance alachua