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Do you need insurance to buy a new car? Commercial auto insurance has risen as business owners to protect their businesses. Commercial auto insurance is also auto insurance that provides coverages to vehicles that are used in business. These types of cars mainly include cars, trucks, and vans that are primarily owned by businesses. Commercial auto insurance is beneficial for small as well as big businesses. Providing the best services to our customers and educating them about various policies before deciding is our major goal here. 

Do You Need Insurance To Buy A New Car? 

Commercial auto insurance provides coverages to business vehicles such as food trucks, service utility, cars, vans, and many more, according to Insureon. Some businesses that should consider taking commercial vehicle insurance are:

  • Plumbers
  • Caterers
  • Food trucks
  • Electrician’s van
  • Service utility truck

Having commercial auto insurance will not hurt you as it provides higher coverages, which is beneficial for you and your business. A proper insurance policy from a local insurance agent will protect against any damages and injury caused to you and to your passengers. This will not only cover you but will also cover your employees through the insurance carrier.

do you need insurance to buy a new car

Commercial vehicle insurance

Commercial auto insurance in Miami-Dade covers your cars’ damage, any injuries to you, your driver, and the damages to someone else’s assets. We should understand that commercial car insurance is much expensive than personal car insurance, and this is because commercial insurance provides higher coverages and protection than personal car insurance. Following we have mentioned coverages of commercial auto insurance:

  • Auto liability will cover the property damages and bodily injuries caused due to an accident.
  • The medical part will cover the medical bills as per the driver and the passenger’s claim amount regardless of its fault.
  • Comprehensive coverage will cover the damages caused by other factors other than accidents such as vandalism, theft, weather damage, or damages from animals.
  • Collision Coverage will cover the damages to the vehicle in an accident with other cars or if the vehicle rolls over, regardless of the person at fault.

The above-mentioned points are the basic coverages in a commercial auto insurance policy from independent insurance brokerage or insurance agent brokerage firm selling insurance such as car insurance,  and cybersecurity insurance. Apart from these, some providers will include other coverages, which can increase the cost of insurance.

Factors that affect commercial auto insurance

Commercial auto insurance is very much different than personal auto insurance and includes additional coverages to it. The personal vehicle will not be covered under commercial auto insurance as it’s not under the business. The factors that affect the cost of your insurance policy are:

  • The number of vehicles you have
  • The type of vehicle you own and its value
  • The type of business operated (level of risk)
  • Your claims history

Recent trends show that small business owners tend to pay less commercial auto insurance premium than big business owners. Contact us to get more information and learn more about commercial auto insurance. Do you have to have proof of insurance to buy a car? Commercial auto insurance is essential as it covers your vehicle, your driver, and others in an accident. 

commercial auto insurance alachua
commercial auto insurance alachua